Asphalt Plant Demolition
  • Client:
    Midlands Demolition Project
  • Type:
    Asphalt Plant Demolition

As part of a programme of rationalisation of assets, the midlands-based client tasked N&R Contractors* with the job of dismantling and demolishing the asphalt plant which included the macadam storage bins. The plant was old and surplus to requirements.

The entire project took 6 weeks to complete and included the recovery of the conveyor and four bitumen tanks for reuse.

* N&R Contractors are a wholly owned subsidiary of Thor Atkinson Steel Fabrications Ltd.

  • 1 Asphalt Plant Ready To Be Demolished
  • 2 Asphalt Project Included Recovery Of Four Bitumin Tanks For Re Use.
  • 3 Asphalt Plant Demolished